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Dear Sir or Madam,

Please, be sure to mark your calendar to attend the 2010 edition of the European, reference event that aims at covering all facets of 3D imaging: The International 3D Stereo Film, and Technology Festival (or 3D Stereo MEDIA).

Based on the success of the 1st edition of the event in December 2009, the organizers are moving  ahead with the organization of its 2nd edition, to be held on 8-10 December 2010, once again at the Convention Center of Liège, Belgium.

3D Stereo MEDIA is fully devoted to 3D stereo and beyond. It is based on seven main pillars: conferences, exhibition, training, technology demonstrations, workshops, scientific posters, and film festival (with competitions and awards). Needless to say that our conference rooms are equipped with 3D projection. 

In 2009, we had about 350 participants, 70 oral presentations by 50 speakers from 13 countries, 15 scientific posters, 21 3D-focused exhibitors, and several demonstrations of live 3D retransmission, from an on-site 3D studio to the conference room, including incrustation of persons and avatars in synthetic decors. 

3D Stereo MEDIA  is at the convergence of arts and science/technology. We take up the challenge of bringing together scientists, engineers, artists, businessmen, and end-user, all driven by their passion and interest in 3D stereoscopy and beyond and coming mainly from three different areas: (1) Cinema and broadcast; (2) industry, engineering, design, science, medicine, defense, and R&D; and (3) communication, education, and entertainment. The goal of our event is to examine, in depth, the role of 3D stereo in each of these areas. While the conference presentations are selected to be both at a high level and understandable by all, the posters allow scientists to get into the full details, like at any other scientific conference.

The multi-facetted structure of the event makes it a truly unique event anywhere worldwide. Its 3D Film Festival aims at becoming “the” reference: In 2009, three “Perrons of Crystal” were awarded to  three 3D movies. The president of the jury was Ben Stassen, of “Fly me to the Moon” fame.

While waiting to participate to 3D Stereo MEDIA 2010, you can keep abreast of the latest news in 3D stereo by consulting our information site, where you can also sign up for a free newsletter.

Please, note that 3D Stereo MEDIA  has the full and persistent support of the University of Liège.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Liège, a 1000-year old city in the heart of Europe. In December, the city is particularly busy and attractive, with its first-rate shopping and picturesque “holiday-season village.”

Jacques G. Verly

President of the e-mage technology forum, and
Professor at the University of Liège, Belgium