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Scientific posters

The oral presentations in the Conference part of 3D Stereo MEDIA are meant to be easily comprehensible by, and of interest to, most participants. By contrast, the posters are intended to go beyond what can be covered in the oral presentations, and to be at the level generally encountered in typical scientific and technical conferences.

 A proposal for a poster is made by submitting a properly formatted paper (see General requirements for paper,  Instructions for paper formatting, and Instructions for paper submission). This paper will be evaluated by reviewers. If a proposal is accepted, the author may be required to modify his/her paper to satisfy the remarks of the reviewers. The paper, possibly after such modifications, will be included in the proceedings of the conference. Proceedings will be in electronic form only.

Posters play a special role in the event since the corresponding papers are the only documents to be included in the proceedings. Specifically, there will be no paper associated with an oral presentation.

Prizes for students

Papers/posters having as first-author, either a last-year undergraduate student (working towards a written thesis), or a graduate student, will be entered into a competition, but only if this author explicitly requests it. Prizes will be awarded to the best papers in the competition. The evaluation will be based on the quality of the submitted paper, the quality of the poster, and the quality of the presentation (of the poster) by the first author to members of the jury of the competition. (It is thus in the best interest of this author to be present during the times when the authors are asked to be present near their posters.) One or more prizes will be awarded, and each is expected to carry both an award certificate and a student-size amount of cash. The conditions for participating in this competition are listed in Requirements to participate to poster competition for students.

Organizers reserve the right to award prizes only if they have at least 20 papers submitted and accepted. Therefore, you should ask your colleagues to submit posters !

Important dates and deadlines

Deadline for submission of paper

(corresponding to poster proposal)

15 November 2010

Date of notification of acceptance

26 November 2010

Deadline for submission of “camera-ready” paper

1 December 2010

Dates of conference

8-10 December 2010

Domains of interest, and call for posters

3D Stereo MEDIA addresses the complete chain of methods and technologies from the capture and generation of 3D contents, through its processing and transmission, to the ultimate 3D viewing and/or immersion. While the tip of the iceberg is 3D stereo, the event also covers the more advanced techniques that go beyond 3D stereo and that attempt to provide a perception that is as close as possible to “true 3D”, such as integral imaging, multi-view imaging, and free-viewpoint TV. 3D Stereo MEDIA also addresses all the applications of the above methods and technologies, such as 3D digital cinema, 3D stereo visualization of volumetric medical images, and advertising via lenticular sheets.

 Proposal for scientific/technical posters are thus solicited in the general domains listed below, as well as in other domains falling within the scope of the event:

  •  Stereoscopy and 3D perception
  • Basic means of capture and production of 3D contents
  • Basic means of visualization of 3D contents (basic “3D displays”)
  • Transmission of 3D contents
  • Advanced means of capture and visualization of 3D contents
  • Image processing, image analysis, and computer vision: Theory, methods, and algorithms
  • 3D sound and audio
  • Immersive environments
  • Applications of 3D imaging in science and engineering.

For more details on these domains, please see Call for Posters.

General requirements for paper

The paper submitted for consideration and publication must meet the following requirements:

  • Paper must have a length of at most four (4) pages.
  • Paper must be in English.
  • Paper must be formatted and submitted according to the given instructions.
  • An accepted paper/poster will be included in the program and the proceedings, and allowed to be presented, only if both submission deadlines have been respected and if at least one co-author has registered, no later than 15 Nov. 2010, at the full-pass (3 days) rate for academics, i.e.220 EUR.

Requirements to participate to poster competition for students

  1.  First author of paper must be either a last-year undergraduate student working towards a written MS thesis (or equivalent), or a graduate student.
  2. He must send in his credentials at the same time as he submits his “camera-ready” paper, i.e. a copy of his current student ID and a brief letter signed by his academic adviser and certifying that he is currently registered as a student.
  3. He must register no later than 15 Nov. 2010.
  4. He must have his poster up throughout the event.
  5. He must be physically present at the award ceremony, which will take place at some undisclosed time, probably during the afternoon of the last day.
  6. He should be present during the times when authors are asked to be near their posters.
  7. His paper must, of course, follow the requirements in General requirements for paper.

Instructions for paper formatting
 Please respect the formatting of these templates : 
- For Microsoft Word documents (.doc)
- For Latex (.zip)

Instructions for paper submission
To submit your paper, click here.

Instructions for poster preparation
Will be given later ... Stay tuned!