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Technology demonstrations

3D Stereo MEDIA 2010 will feature the following unique Technology Demonstrations:

  1. Multiview image capture, incrustation of captured images into synthetic decors, and visualization on autostereoscopic displays (3D without glasses). With 3DTV Solutions, Alioscopy, and RTBF.
  2. Live 3D retransmissions from a 3D rig mounted on a steadicam from several areas around Liège via terrestrial and satellite links to the 9-m wide screen of the Conference room. With Transvideo, RTBF, and Eutelsat.
  3. Live 3D « telepresentation » from New York by Mark Schubin (, USA). With All-Mobile Video (New York, USA), Eutelsat, and RTBF.
  4. 3D autostereoscopic videoconferencing system featuring the “Virtual Eye-Contact Engine”. With Fraunhofer HHI.
  5. Auro-3D 11.1 3D sound system equipping our 500-seat conference room. With Galaxy Studios.
  6. Brand-new 3D laser show using active 3D glasses: The PHILL system for “Photonic Illusions”. With Laserforum.


Many of these demos use equipments from Barco, XDC, and Xpand.